This page tells you what information you can find on our website explaining what Ontario’s Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) says about meetings.

If you incorporated before ONCA was proclaimed on October 19, 2021, your bylaws or articles may not comply with the rules explained below. You have until October 18, 2024 to review, update, and file your governing documents with the Ontario government. Until then, the rules in your articles and bylaws continue to be valid. This is true as long they were valid before the ONCA took effect.

Members vote for their board members and pass resolutions at their annual meetings.

Learn about what ONCA says about members’ meetings and their rules.
Learn about what ONCA says about electing directors.

The board of a nonprofit holds meetings to make decisions about the nonprofit’s administration, budget and other day to day operations.

Learn about board meetings.

Meetings can be held electronically or in person.

Learn about electronic meetings.

ONCA has rules about holding meetings.

Learn more about what ONCA says about voting and quorum.

The ONCA affects meetings in other ways. Learn more.

Reviewed: 2024-06-06