Our approach

We always strived to choose resources that balanced being:

  • Up to date: Resources we link to are sometimes out of date on federal law and topics other than what we linked to them for. Always check the date of publication.
  • Clear: We have chosen resources that come close or closest to the high standards of plain language and design.
  • Relevant: A few resources are federal or from other provinces, but they still offer guidance on law relevant to Ontario nonprofits.
  • Answered many questions in one place

Errors & omissions
We have no control over resources found at the links. We do not guarantee the correctness of each resource.
Always visit the firm website to confirm that authors are still working with the same firm. Contact information provided in resources may be out of date.

If you have questions about our process, notice broken links, or think we missed a resource or a question, please let us know.

We selected topics based on:

  • How often CLEO and the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) get asked them
  • How easily the information can be found elsewhere
  • How serious the consequences of not following the law could be

Overall, we focused on nonprofits currently incorporated under Ontario’s Corporations Act (OCA) or thinking about incorporating under it.

Limited time and funding meant we had to make some hard choices. We left out information on charities, fundraising, and dissolving a non-profit.

Registered charities
We haven’t completely left charities out. Throughout this section, asterisks like this one will warn you when things work differently for charities and tell you where to go for more information. Also, some of the resources we link to talk about charities and nonprofits at the same time.

Because of limited resources and the wealth of information already out there, we thought our time would be best spent connecting you to existing resources instead of developing original content.

People often use not-for-profit, non-profit, and nonprofit interchangeably. We use the term “nonprofit” throughout this section as a catch-all term without specific legal meaning. We chose “nonprofit” because:

  • “non-profit” could be short for “non-profit organization” (a tax term) and
  • “not-for-profit” could be a short form for “not-for-profit corporation” (a corporate term)

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Reviewed: 2020-01-16