About us

About the Ontario Nonprofit Network

ONN is the independent network for the 58,000 nonprofits in Ontario, focused on policy, advocacy, and services to strengthen Ontario’s nonprofit sector as a key pillar of our society and economy.

We work to create a public policy environment that allows nonprofit to thrive. We engage our network of diverse nonprofit organizations across Ontario to work together on issues affecting the sector and channel the voices of our network to governments, funders, and other stakeholders.

About the Nonprofit Law Ontario project

Nonprofit Law Ontario (NPLO) is a project through which ONN provides legal education and training for public benefit nonprofits. This project was initially launched by Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) in 2013, and transferred to ONN in 2024..

History and acknowledgements

  • 2013: CLEO launches project to help nonprofits transition to ONCA, called “Get Ready for the ONCA.”
  • 2017: Project expands to include information on how grassroots groups can incorporate.
  • 2021: ONCA takes effect. Project rebrands as Nonprofit Law Ontario (NPLO), a project of CLEO.
  • 2022: NPLO adopts networked approach to public legal education and develops innovative methods, including the popular “Bring Your Own Bylaws” workshop.
  • 2023: NPLO reaches 6,000+ participants at 120+ workshops, completed legal needs study of the sector.
  • 2024: CLEO transfers the NPLO project to ONN.

ONN is grateful to CLEO for over a decade of partnership and for all that it has done to support the nonprofit sector of Ontario. ONN commits to growing the educational mission and innovative educational approaches to continue serving the legal needs of the sector.

We are also grateful to funders of the past, including:

  • Ontario Ministry of Public and Business Service Deliver
  • Law Foundation of Ontario
  • Lawson Foundation

Reviewed: 2024-02-07