What you can do

Bill 154 makes changes to Ontario’s Corporations Act. Because of these changes, you now have some new options. In some cases you will need to change your bylaws to take advantage of these new options.

5 ways Bill 154 can make governing a nonprofit easier

These new options make it easier to:

Hold meetings of members
Unless your bylaws do not allow it, you can have meetings of members over the phone or electronically. You can also give notice of a meeting of members electronically.
Recruit directors outside the nonprofit…
If your bylaws allow it, you can have directors who are not members of your nonprofit.
Remove troublesome directors
If your letters patent or bylaws currently require a two-thirds majority vote at a meeting of members to remove a director, you can take out that requirement and now remove a director with just over half of the votes at a meeting of members.
Waive an audit for small nonprofits…
If your nonprofit receives less than $100,000 in revenue in a year, you can now waive an audit for that year with 80 percent of the votes in favour at a meeting of members.

Reviewed: May 2018