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  • Thorny Issues Arising from the ONCA/CNCA

    Topic: General
    Organization: Carters Professional Corporation
    Author: Theresa L.M. Man     Date: 2013

    This seminar was presented to the Healthcare Philanthropy Check-Up on June 11, 2013. It includes details on membership issues, board issues, officer issues, and bylaw issues.

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  • Why Do We Need Members? We Have a Board…

    Topic: Membership
    Organization: Miller Thomson LLP
    Author: Robert Hayhoe     Date: June 17 2016

    Our incorporated charity and non-profit clients often wonder why they need members. The short answer is that all Canadian non-profit corporate statutes of general application require members.

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  • Why Jurisdiction Matters to Corporate Finances: CNCA vs. ONCA

    Topic: Audits and Financial Reviews
    Organization: Drache Aptowitzer
    Author: Alexandra Tzannidakis     Date: 2013

    This February 2013 article focuses on audit and financial review provisions in the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (CNCA) and the ONCA. CNCA applies to corporations that are incorporated federally.

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  • Why Shouldn’t All Our Meetings be In-Camera?

    Topic: Directors
    Organization: Miller Thomson LLP
    Author: Hugh Kelly     Date: September 2006

    With the growing, and now almost universal, awareness that the directors are and must be accountable for their actions, comes the desirability of making sure that directors’ meetings are open and welcoming to any who chose to attend. This in turn calls for a reasoned articulation as to what are acceptable reasons for excluding others from such meetings, that is, conducting private or in camera meetings.

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